Copper Countertops

Copperworks has been making copper countertops for over 30 years and we are currently offering these alongside our zinc countertops under the Mio Metals brand. One common design technique is to do a copper hood and a copper island with the other countertops in a different material. This creates continuity with the main focal points in the kitchen.

You can see our full website dedicated to copper countertops here.

Zinc Countertops

Kitchen designers around the country are re-discovering zinc and using it as a countertop or range hood material. Our parent company, Mio Metals, handles the zinc countertop line and you can see many of the decorative edges on our product-specific website at

Learn more about zinc countertops and how you might fit them into your kitchen design at or call us at 888-530-7630.

Brass Countertops

As you may have guessed by now, we have a specialized website for our Brass Countertops at These are gaining popularity among high end restaurants, wineries and private homes.

See our gallery of brass countertops at