Hood design options

There are a lot of different ways that we can customize a hood and make it unique just for you. In fact, since each hood is made-to-order, we can almost customize the entire thing from dimensions to materials used.


Let’s start with the biggest options – the metal. Yes, we build copper hoods, but we can also make them out of brass, stainless steel, zinc and even galvanized or cold-rolled steel. We can make part of your hood from one material and then use a different material for the rest. You make see that some of our photos include stainless steel straps or other combinations of materials.

A few of my personal favorites include using brass with copper to create a subtle color change. This is particularly effective with straps (or a top and bottom frame) and a patina. Stainless steel can also be an attractive contrast to copper and, in some cases, you may choose to use a mirror finish stainless steel rather than the common grain finish.

Zinc is an entirely different story and we have an entire website dedicated to zinc range hoods. Zinc is like copper in that it reacts and shows its age over time, but the base color is a gray or silver rather than an orange.


Copper has a tradition of being hammered and this can be a beautiful look on your hood. Unfortunately, the process of hand-hammering has a few downsides for our employees as well as the material performance. Luckily, we have developed a texturing process that replicates the look of hammering without the repetitive motion and deafening sound. We offer a light, medium or heavy texture and the general rule is that light textures work well on large expanses of metal (like the body of a range hood) and will show up more with a polished rather than a patinaed hood. Likewise, one of the most popular combinations is a heavy texture and a dark brown patina for a classic, old world look.


Speaking of patinas, we do offer patina applications to our hoods. Because the patina process is a chemical reaction that has a number of variables, we offer a light brown or a dark brown patina. These are applied by hand so there is a natural variance in the colors of the hoods. Areas near straps or rivets are darker than the larger panels as you would expect with an aged hood.

We do offer samples of our textures and patinas which can be a valuable resource when considering a copper hood. Order yours today.

Rivets, bolts, straps, embossing

The details on our hoods can dramatically change the overall look. For instance, our Sheffield hood can be a clean-lined, simple design or, by adding straps and rivets to the frame and doing the front panel in three sections, you can really get an old world, “country French” look without spending a fortune.

Additionally, we can use larger carriage bolts to make the rivets more dramatic or add personalized embossing to various components to your hood.

How do you order these “off the menu” features? Call us at 844-841-9343 and our design team can help you get the hood you want.