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The backbone behind custom copper hoods are the power packs. Some fabricators use fan/light inserts from Vent-a-Hood and Dacor depending on the shape of the hood. From Copperworks' experience, we have found these manufacturers to be of high quality at a good price, reliable support, and they are both made in America.

The critical step in any range hood purchase is matching an appropriate fan to the cooktop/range and the homeowner’s cooking styles. Refer to the range manufacturer’s specification for fan CFM (cubic feet per minute) requirements for the cooking surface.

Many hoods are sold with commonly appropriate fans, but it remains the responsibility of the end user to make sure they get a fan that will meet their expectations. We understand that not everyone does a lot of cooking and others can demand a lot from their hood with cooking styles that involve a lot of frying and use of fragrant foods.

Each fan has a required duct size which cannot be changed. Consider trying to drink a milkshake through a coffee straw and you will understand that if the duct size does not match the fan output there is a risk of the fan being ineffective.

Try this Futuro Fan Insert - it's awesome: Futuro Fan Insert 940 CFMFuturo Fan Insert 48 in hood

Broan Fan Insert for 36 in hood 600 CFM

For two common manufacturers, the fan/duct sizing is as follows:

  • Vent – a – Hood
    • 300 CFM – 6 inch round duct
    • 600 CFM – 8 inch round duct
    • 900 CFM – 10 inch round duct
    • 1200 CFM – 12 inch round duct
  • Dacor
    • 600 CFM – 8 inch round duct
    • 1200 CFM – 10 inch round duct


One additional piece that many homeowners seek is an exterior vent cover, or wall cap, for the exhaust of their copper range hood. This one from Amazon is a great choice at a great price: